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As part of our customer support we offer:

  • sales of carbon and hybrid fabric to end customers as well as cooperation with distributors
  • rapid and flexible reaction to all kinds of requirements
  • easy access to products and customer support
  • an individual approach to each customer
  • implementation of market requirements in the production programme

As a manufacturer, vendor and supplier of carbon and hybrid fabrics we offer not just quality products but also services to ease the purchasing process and ensure customer satisfaction.


How do I order Kordcarbon fabrics?
The purchase of carbon and hybrid fabrics can be arranged by telephone, e-mail or fax. For the first order it is necessary to send identifying data for your company. After being entered in our database for further purchases all that is needed is to specify the goods ordered, which can be selected on the pages showing our products.

What are our delivery conditions?
All our products are kept in storage and are ready for immediate dispatching to end customers and distributors. This we provide free as a vendor and supplier within the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and in other countries depending on what is agreed with individual customers.

Are Kordcarbon fabrics compatible with epoxide resins?
Yes, all our carbon and hybrid fabrics are compatible with epoxide resins.

How is the long-term quality of Kordcarbon fabrics secured?
We have a modern well-equipped laboratory where expert staff constantly monitor the quality and technical parameters of our products. For each purchase you can be sure that you will receive carbon and hybrid fabrics of consistent quality.

Who should I approach if I have any questions about products?
All the necessary contact information can be found here. We provide a free expert consultancy service.

What is the difference between plain weave and twill?
Just as with classical fabrics there are different types of connection between the fibres in weaving.

What is the difference between hybrid and carbon fabrics?
Aside carbon fibre hybrid fabrics also contain aramid fibre, thus combining the properties of both components. In KORDCARBON hybrid fabrics the ratio of the fibres is 1:1 or 2:1.